Brief COVID role change unlocks key innovation

Brief COVID role change unlocks key innovation

After a brief stint as his office receptionist during Sydney’s selective lockdown last year, this chief executive knew there had to be an easier way to manage business relationships. Andrew Colagiuri is the mastermind behind FLK It Over.

Mr Colagiuri spent a week managing reception at his Sydney office after the city’s 2021 lockdown affected 11 of his 14 staff. During this time, he experimented with archaic and obsolete check-in and check-out systems for property keys, which led to the creation of FLK IT KEY.

“Like most businesses at the time, there was no option to roll up your sleeves and do whatever was necessary to run the business, that meant spending time on the front desk,” said CEO and Founder.

“After some research, we found that most offices are still using a payment ledger or Excel spreadsheet. So there was definitely an appetite for an updated system that not only tracks keys, but works in a seamless and provides a great experience for their trades who often hold the keys and come back when they are back in the area, not knowing the urgency,” he explained.

With jobs constantly busy and on the move, taking phone calls and responding to messages are not always easy feats; he pointed out that the software’s intelligent SMS conversations are fast and efficient while keeping trades informed and up-to-date.

FLK IT KEY allows “keys to be logged and photographed in the platform and a lagging section allows managers to quickly see which keys need to be tracked”.

The technology uses a text messaging system to notify merchants and tenants that their keys are overdue and need to be returned.

“FLK has an automated conversation on behalf of the agent via SMS. It then emails that conversation to the agent. It’s about using technology to gain efficiency,” Mr. Colagiuri added.

“It allows those with late keys to respond by simply pressing a button explaining the deadline or date of intent to return the keys. This puts an end to chasing key returns with endless phone calls and the technology makes it very easy to see who needs to call back to return the keys.

He also explained that the innovation aims to allow property managers to divert their energy from key hunting – which can be extremely time-consuming, especially on a large scale – towards more productive activities, saving both time and money. the money.

“If the agency has 300 rental properties and uses this technology rather than manually updating traditional spreadsheets and endless phone calls, they typically have more than 20-30 keys at any one time, so the time saving by nature is huge,” he said.

Mr Colagiuri concluded that “if agencies want to increase their profits, they will need property managers to manage more properties and the only way to achieve this is to improve efficiency using the latest technology”.

Brief COVID role change unlocks key innovation

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Last update: August 23, 2022

Posted: August 23, 2022

Rebecca R. Santistevan