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The next Monitor 2 certainly has a huge legacy to live on. With the intense and continued popularity of its predecessor, the game will have to strike the perfect balance between new gameplay and new mechanics while adhering to the same basic framework that made the franchise so popular.

One of the most obvious ways in which Monitor 2 attempts to do so by reworking some of the iconic playable heroes of the Surveillance listing. At the extreme, some fan-favorite heroes are seeing their in-game roles changed, either fully or partially, providing the necessary difference in core gameplay to give the new title its own identity.


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Doomfist in Overwatch 2

Folk hero Doomfist is the most obvious example of a role-switching reshuffle within Monitor 2. One of the most glaring large-scale changes to Doomfist in Monitor 2 is that he’s going to be changed to a tank role, as opposed to his previous role as a damage dealer. In order to foster the wildly different combat characteristics that are required for a tank role as opposed to a DPS class, Doomfist has seen a host of changes to his abilities and stats, his health being increased to 450 being one example.

As part of his new role, Doomfist received a new defensive ability called Power Block, which essentially acts as his shield. To balance out this increased defensive prowess, Doomfist has had his previously proficient damage reduced significantly, with his Uppercut ability removed entirely. Although this is the most overt role change a character has seen in Monitor 2 So far, the many changes other heroes have faced have seen their metas and sub-roles change significantly.

Dark in Overwatch 2

Sombra is a hero who, despite retaining its original role as a DPS class, should offer vastly different gameplay within Monitor 2 compared to his role in the original game. Specifically, Sombra’s hack abilities have been reworked to foster a potential to deal much greater damage, albeit over a shorter period of time.

Sombra’s hack ability now disrupts enemy abilities for a shorter duration, while actively painting the location of all enemies affected by the hack ability to Sombra and her teammates. With her ultimate also empowered to deal more potential damage, actively hacked enemies also take more base damage from Sombra inside. Monitor 2. While previously possessing a mixed role between DPS and support, it looks like Sombra is taking a much more damage-focused stance in the upcoming title.

Orisa in Overwatch 2

Orisa is another popular hero who, while retaining her original role as a tank, has undergone some serious changes within Monitor 2 this will effectively modify the “subrole” it has historically provided. Previously playing the role of a rather beefy, damage-absorbing tank with relatively low DPS output, Orisa, like Sombra, has had her damage-dealing abilities boosted, this time at the cost of her high defensive value.

In Monitor 2, Orisa’s main attack now uses an overheat system instead of using conventional ammo, with this attack now firing shrinking projectiles. Orisa has also received a new throwable javelin attack, which can be used to deal high damage and stun enemies from a considerable distance. Orisa has also received a brand new ultimate ability in the form of Terra Surge, which has the potential to deal massive amounts of damage by anchoring nearby enemies and charging up an attack rush which can then be unleashed at the perfect moment. .

To make way for this new offensive prowess, several of Orisa’s defensive abilities have been removed entirely. Crucially enough, Orisa’s Protective Barrier ability is no longer present, severely limiting the amount of cover Orisa can provide to herself and her teammates, further promoting more character-focused gameplay. offensive.

Monitor 2 is currently in development.

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