I think we figured out who Tucker Carlson’s role model is

So that’s where the weird speech patterns come from: Tucker Carlson is Jiminy Glick, a fictional comic character.

It’s strange.

The big difference is that Glick didn’t lie as much as Carlson. Science The magazine went through the full transcript of one of Carlson’s recent tirades, and almost everything Tucker Carlson said about Anthony Fauci this week was either misleading or untrue. I never watch Carlson’s show, so I had no idea how lopsided and out of touch his opinions had become. A taste:

Carlson claimed Fauci committed very serious crimes and says he apparently engineered the most devastating event in modern American history. Carlson, infamous for attacking people’s appearance, also called Fauci a an even smaller version of the Dalai Lama and one Stalinist dwarf.

Carlson seems to enjoy the criticism of his comments, which inevitably bring more attention to him and his show. But at the risk of playing its game, Science checked its criticisms of Fauci. The analysis shows that Carlson took facts out of context and cited long-debunked studies or reports to attack Fauci. He also repeatedly faulted Fauci and other scientists for changing their minds based on new evidence – the bedrock of scientific progress. In Carlson’s calculation, such inversions equal lying.

Obviously Fauci didn’t commit any crimes, especially not serious ones, and didn’t engineer the COVID pandemic (which I thought Fox News downplayed anyway – now that’s the most devastating event in modern American history?) His ideas about Fauci’s appearance are his own, but I don’t think there’s anything Stalinist about him, and hey, what’s wrong with looking like a Tibetan or to be a little person anyway?

The article goes through Carlson’s claims line by line and shows them to be false. It is surprising that he is the flagship commentator of a new organization. It’s almost as if Fox had nothing to do with “news.”

Rebecca R. Santistevan