Key’s first female Hispanic police lieutenant wants to be a role model for girls | Vizcaya key

Kristina Andreu has just received the honor of becoming the Key Biscayne Police Department’s first Hispanic female lieutenant.

The first-generation Cuban-American came to KBPD in 2007 after beginning her career with the City of Miami Police Department. Moving to Key Biscayne, which she calls her “working home,” has helped Andreu form strong and lasting bonds with the community.

“I preferred a community where the work I did would have a lasting impact,” she said. “Found this in Key Biscayne. I could never have spent time with the residents and businesses of a bustling city (like Miami) like I did here.

Andreu, who was 22 when she joined Key Police, remembers knowing early on that she would one day be a lieutenant here. It was not common for women to hold this level of leadership 15 years ago, but Andreu was determined. She wanted to be an inspiration to young girls who had similar aspirations.

Building leaders is of the utmost importance to Andreu, as she hopes to use her new position to “lead platoons, maintain village safety and security, and train new leaders.”

“I hope to identify those who wish to continue their leadership and help them achieve their goals,” he added.

Andreu also hopes to expand the department’s social media presence, as KBPD is currently only on Instagram. As a social media manager, she would like to see the department on multiple platforms to expand her connection with more residents.

Today, women make up only 13% of law enforcement officials nationwide. In his new role, Andreu wants to channel his passion for community policing work to defend both women and Latinas.

“My best advice to young women starting a career is that just because you’re not represented, you want to be the change,” Andreu said. “Be brave; create the change. When you are the change, you open the door to the women behind you, and there’s magic in that.

Rebecca R. Santistevan