Meghan Markle snubbed by model Emma Watson while visiting London—Book

Meghan Markle was denied a meeting with actress Emma Watson at a United Nations event before she became a royal – and “the snub was mortifying”, according to a new biography.

The Duchess of Sussex made an appearance at a ‘HeForShe’ initiative organized by UN Women where Watson was a speaker and asked to meet the other actress, according to Revenge: Meghan, Harry and the war between the Windsors.

However, author Tom Bower described how the Hollywood A-lister and activist turned down the request from Meghan, who at the time was starring in Combinations but whose relationship with Prince Harry had not yet begun.

The book says: “On a trip to London [Meghan] went to a small meeting addressed by Emma Watson, her hero and role model. At the end, she asked to meet Watson. The actress denied the request. The snub was mortifying. Watson’s snub was not mentioned when Meghan described her role at the UN on The Tig. “I was in London,” she wrote to her followers, “to support Emma Watson in her HeForShe initiative for UN Women.”

A new book claims Meghan Markle was ‘snubbed’ by actress Emma Watson at a UN event before she was in a relationship with Prince Harry. Above, Meghan (L) is pictured at a Dove Self-Esteem Project event in Toronto on October 6, 2015. Watson (R) is seen at Wimbledon in London on July 14, 2018. Meghan was also in attendance on the day- the.
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An archived version of a post by Meghan on her former lifestyle blog, The Tig, read: “But it was here during the HeForShe campaign, the call to action for boys and men around the world wholeheartedly in support of this gender solidarity movement, that I sat directly across from UN Women Global Goodwill Ambassador Emma Watson as she delivered an inimitable speech on feminism.

“Emma, ​​at just 24 years old, brought to light stark facts about how crippling it is for a society to have undervalued and marginalized women, and how it devastates not just the female population, but the entire population. population.”

The Duchess has, however, since then accumulated many more famous friends, spending holidays with George Clooney and Elton John and with the vocal support of Serena Williams, among others.

Meghan was the United Nations’ advocate for women’s political participation and leadership at the time, a role that played a key role in discussions of feminism and Meghan’s philanthropy years later.

News of Harry and Meghan’s relationship in October 2016 kicked off a feverish search into Meghan’s life and career to date by media eager to see an exciting new addition to the royal family.

Examples include a speech Meghan gave at a UN Women conference in 2015 when she denounced the slow progress in the pursuit of equality.

She said: “UN Women, as you know, has set the year 2030 as the expiration date for gender inequality. Here’s the staggering thing: Studies show that at the current rate, eliminating gender inequality won’t be possible until 2095.

“That’s 80 years from now. When it comes to women’s political participation and leadership, the percentage of women parliamentarians around the world has only increased by 11% since 1995.

“Eleven percent in 20 years. Come on, that’s got to change.”

Bower’s book was expected to criticize the Duchess because of her long-standing reputation for tearing down her subjects, such as politicians, business tycoons and Prince Charles.

He also gave interviews ahead of publication, suggesting it might make reading uncomfortable for Meghan.

In May, the author told GB News: “It turned out to be…a very, very difficult chore because people were quite reluctant to talk and she and her lawyers had done very well to keep people silent, but I succeeded. [to] sufficient.

“And it’s a great story. It’s an amazing story of a woman who came from nothing and is now a global figure and stomped on all those others along the way, which is classic for the genre of people I always choose, be it a politician or a tycoon.

“The victims want to talk and they have spoken. And it’s a really gripping story.”

The first excerpts, published in The Times of Londonsuggested Queen Elizabeth II was relieved Meghan did not attend Prince Philip’s funeral.

The book read: “At Windsor Castle, the Queen prepared to face the public on one of the saddest days of her life. Philip had been her rock for the past 70 years. To comply with COVID restrictions, she would cry alone inside the chapel.

“‘Thank God Meghan is not coming,’ the monarch told her trusted aides in a clear voice.

“Harry’s presence remained an issue. As a private citizen stripped of his military credentials, he could not wear a uniform. To minimize embarrassment for Harry and Andrew, who were mired in allegations of sexual misconduct, all male members of the royal family dressed in morning suits.”

A source close to the Queen said Newsweek it was unlikely that Elizabeth had thought of anything other than Prince Philip in the days leading up to his funeral on April 17, 2021.

Elsewhere, Bower suggested Meghan was jealous of Kate while Prince Harry’s contempt for Prince William and his sister-in-law was comparable to Meghan’s for her father Thomas Markle and half-sister Samantha Markle.

Revenge reads: “No other member of the royal family has suffered as much embarrassment from their own family as Meghan.

“There was a certain equivalence in Meghan’s contempt for her half-siblings, Samantha and Thomas, and now Harry’s for Kate and William, in particular.”

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Rebecca R. Santistevan