Mike Gesicki sees role change in new Miami Dolphins offensive system

The Miami Dolphins haven’t had a great TE in a very long time and Mike Gesicki is getting close, but his time in Miami may not be long.

Playing on the franchise tag, Mike Gesicki is under contract for the year, but the NFL TEs are breaking the bank around the league and after this season, Gesicki will want his payday. He deserves it, he waited patiently, didn’t complain and worked to get better.

The problem will be his contract. Miami could handle him financially, but what’s important is how Gesicki is used on offense for the Dolphins.

Throughout camp and preseason, Gesicki wasn’t used much as a receiver. He was only targeted once on Sunday and it was a delayed route under linebacker coverage.

Gesicki played less than 45% of the game, a far cry from where he was last year. Was it just a case of the attacking game plan trying to force mismatches elsewhere or is Gesicki’s value to the team dwindling further and further?

We can say that any value he has in fantasy football may be gone, but the Dolphins don’t care about your fantasy teams. Mike McDaniel has a vision for what his offense will be like and Mike Gesicki’s role will be different than it has been in the future.

Now is not the time to start worrying about Gesicki. Not yet. He does what is asked of him. Miami said they’ve had phone calls about his potential trade, calls they didn’t initiate. If we get closer to the NFL trade deadline and Gesicki’s usage hasn’t changed, we might start to hear the chatter…but not yet. It was a game. Either way, his role in the team has definitely changed.

Rebecca R. Santistevan