network and be a role model

  • 32 women participated in the Women in Football Leadership Program (WFLP)

  • More and more women aspire to leadership positions in football

  • “This course will help me to be more confident and increase my self-confidence” – Diana Bulgaru (Moldova)

“This is a new chapter for me in my professional career. I am ready to rise on my journey as a strong leader, not only in women’s football, but all over the world.”These are the words Sainey Sissohore Mboge from The Gambia used to describe what the Women in Football Leadership Program (WFLP) means to her. Mboge is one of 32 women working in member associations of the six confederations who took part in the latest edition of the Women in Football Leadership Programme, through which FIFA, UEFA and the IMD Business School promote women at leadership positions around the world.

This is the third edition of the program in cooperation with UEFA, after the 2018 and 2019 editions respectively.

The program also serves to create a strong network of women who can advance their own careers, influence the betterment of sport and be a role model for other women.

“I met great people during the program and learned many new experiences. I am ready to empower more women and girls. I want to give my best to create many women leaders in my country and in the world,” continued Mboge, who works as the Women’s Football Coordinator at the Gambia Football Federation (GFF). “I will take this opportunity to thank the GFF for the nomination, FIFA and UEFA for creating the platform to excel in my career.”

During the week-long program, participants received leadership training and one-on-one coaching where they engaged in role-playing and developed a sense of self-awareness as well as a strong global network of like-minded contacts. ideas. In addition to self-awareness, sharing experiences about personal leadership styles and barriers women face in moving up the ladder in male-dominated industries were also important topics.

To be able to unite so many women who are role models in our game, from all corners of the globe, is truly special and it has been a real privilege to watch them work together to empower each other.

Arijana Demirovic, FIFA Women’s Football Division Development Manager

“It’s a real opportunity to understand the football network, but also to develop and understand myself as a leader, to understand where I am now and what I will need to develop women’s and women’s football. in Northern Ireland and beyond,” said Angela Platt, who has been appointed as the first director of women’s football at the Irish Football Association.

“Meeting this diverse group from around the world and hearing their stories creates a network that we can lean on and learn from each other. To inspire other women in the future and support them on their leadership journey. It’s truly important, not just in football, but also in society.”

Rebecca R. Santistevan