Overwatch 2 screenshot appears to depict Doomfist’s role switch to tank

much familiar Monitoring heroes get a makeover Monitor 2, with most being at their models and others getting full kit overhauls. While not all hero changes were revealed until the beta, one melee hero may have had their role completely changed.

In a screenshot posted to the official Monitoring Facebook page showcasing the new pre-battle UI, Doomfist seems to be branded as a tank hero rather than a damage hero. This would mark the first hero to switch roles in Monitoring since Symmetra, which was originally a medium.

In Monitoring, Doomfist has the unique characteristic of being the only melee-focused damage hero, with a kit focused on hitting his enemies. But a crucial part of his kit is his survivability in the form of a personal shield, built up by using his abilities on his opponents. His damage and mobility are already high and his shield makes him even harder to deal with, leading many fans to question his hybrid kit.

If Doomfist is indeed moved into the tank role, he’ll likely receive major damage and mobility tweaks, while focusing more on his potential to disrupt enemies. Currently, the only reservoir of Monitoring with Doomfist-like mobility is Wrecking Ball, which comes at the cost of being a more initiative off-tank – likely what a reworked Doomfist tank would become.

Doomfist added to the tank role would create a total of nine known tank heroes available in Monitor 2. But it is not confirmed at this time that Doomfist will actually see his role changed. The role of the tank has proven to be somewhat toned down in this sequel since Monitor 2 focuses on five-on-five battles instead of the original’s six-on-six, giving up a tank slot.

Beta for Monitor 2 is available for recording on PC via the official website Monitoring website and will start at the end of April.

Rebecca R. Santistevan