Ron Rivera considering a role change for Jamin Davis?

The loss of the Washington football team to the Philadelphia Eagles knocked them out of the playoffs once and for all.

It marked Washington’s second four-game losing streak of the year and further hammered home the idea that the club weren’t quite ready for the season-ending test with five games against the NFC East.

While Ron Rivera has some explanation for why his team were swept away by Philadelphia and Dallas, he first had to weather the storm that sparked outrage behind the decision to put Jamin Davis on the bench on Sunday. .

Davis, who didn’t quite live up to his first-round billing, played a total of 13 snaps against the Eagles. He found himself playing behind veteran David Mayo, who finished as the fifth-lowest defenseman on the graduating team.

With fans eager for explanations, Rivera came by on Monday.

Washington football head coach Ron Rivera explained why he put Jamin Davis on the bench on Sunday.

“Well I thought some of the things David did last week kind of showed what he was capable of and what he also did was it took Cole a bit of relief,” Rivera said. to journalists.

“David is a pure mic, so we put David in that role and we were able to use Cole in what we call a dime position – the weak side inside the linebacker of a nickel package. that this combination looked pretty good, pretty solid.

So basically Rivera doesn’t trust Davis in the mic role. Great.

How important are Rivera’s reservations to Davis’ ability to be the defense signalman? Well, he later revealed to the media that he’s reconsidering how to maximize the potential of the young linebacker in 2022 and beyond.

“I think that’s something we really need to look at and see if it’s better for him not to have the kind of pressure the middle linebacker has on him.”

That’s a pretty eye-opening quote, but let’s not be quick to blame Davis. If you remember, it was the coaching staff who told us that they viewed the Kentucky product as a mic that would grow behind the Washington defensive line.

It could just be a question of bad screening. Not all linebacker prospects are best suited as a middle man. As Rivera said, Davis might be more comfortable as a second weak-side LB alongside Cole Holcomb, who had the freedom to roam and chase on Sunday and had his best game of the year.

“There were some really good things, I think, when you take pressure on young guys to have to make decisions on the pitch and try to control things. I think it’s a little something that we both learned (Davis and Holcomb) ”.

Let’s discuss both sides of this. On the one hand, it is concerning that the coaching staff are already considering a role change for Davis. It is also alarming that a journeyman was preferred to Davis 17 games in his rookie year.

On the other hand, with Davis seemingly in a weakside transition role, it’s very possible that he would undergo a big transformation in Year 2.

Davis’ rookie season will go like a wash, but at least fans can hang on to the fact that he was playing (technically) out of position all year round. It falls on both the player and the team, but even more so on the latter for giving him the mic role to start when he never looked like he was in good shape.

Rebecca R. Santistevan