The model of the city is gone to university

Role models are an important part of life on Earth. Almost everyone has theirs for almost every aspect of life. There are many personality traits one can have to make them a role model for just one out of almost eight billion people on this planet.

For the past 18 years, Aledo has been honored by the presence of an Emma Davis, who embodies the term role model for just about everyone she meets. The 2022 graduate has been active in the community her entire life and has tried just about everything there is to do.

“From the day she was born, she needed to do things,” said Karen, Emma’s mother. “She got involved in everything. She absolutely loves people and she likes to move. And she really likes helping people. If she sees someone who needs help or needs a helping hand, she sees them first and takes care of them.

Since her early teens, Emma has given her time to many projects and causes including the Pythian Home for children, Texas Ramp Project and she has been a helper at Holland Lake Nursing Home. Equally well, she volunteered at the food pantry and assembled relief buckets for hurricane victims.

“She always goes out of her way to help people,” Emma’s boyfriend Cole Bohnen said. “We’ll be at the store and she’ll go and help someone carry bags to their car, she’ll go out of her way to hold the door open for an elderly person, just all the little things that can make someone’s day a a lot better.

Bohnen also talked about how much she was admired at school for her positive attitude and kindness to everyone else.

“At school, there are people that other people don’t want to talk to,” Bohnen said. “Emma goes out of her way to make them feel comfortable and welcome.”

Emma’s positivity and involvement in extracurricular activities such as Leading Ladies, National Honor Society and Fellowship of Christian Athletes would make anyone realize why she won homecoming queen in 2022 and was named Miss AHS 2022.

However, she also shone on the field, as she earned second-team All-State honors as a goaltender for the Ladycats football team. Emma, ​​or “TED” (The Emma Davis), as she is known on the team, made a personal best 127 saves during her senior season, giving her a career total of 427 , which is a school record.

“We definitely miss her,” said AHS women’s soccer coach Bryan Johnson. “Everyone just wanted to be around her. It helped that she was a great communicator and she just brought this really cool vibe. She was a positive influence and always happy. Her smile, just her attitude about the things, she’s a very good girl.

“She was the homecoming queen, Miss AHS and she’s an athlete,” Bearcats football coach Derek Vierling marveled. “And an athlete who could really close that gap. As a goalkeeper, you have to get down and dirty, and in the mud, so to speak. And she bridges the gap between reunion queen and getting dirty. For me, that encompasses it.

Along with all her kindness and athleticism, Emma isn’t afraid to try her hand at anything new that comes her way.

“She’s very versatile,” Bohnen said. “She said this year was her last year of high school and she wanted to try everything. She became the wrestling manager, she always played football, the Leading Ladies and the National Honor Society, everything maintaining good grades.

However, despite all of this, her mother was blown away on Christmas 2021 when Emma told her what she wanted.

“Her only Christmas wish was a big box of Bibles,” Karen recalls. “And I asked her what she was going to do with it. Needless to say we got them. She put them in the back of her car and carried a box of snacks and bottles of water. And if she saw a homeless person or someone in need, she gave him a Bible, a snack and a bottle of water. She told me not too long ago that she was almost out of Bibles and I said to her, ‘You tell me when you’re almost out and I’ll keep them coming.’

Emma leaves for Texas Tech University on Friday, August 12, where she will study business and industry. Although she leaves Aledo to begin the next chapter of her life, those in town who have been touched by her will continue to cherish her smile, kindness and positivity.

Rebecca R. Santistevan